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As numbers of covid cases increase across the state the restaurants of wahpeton and Breckenridge in accordance with guidance from the North Dakota Department of Health have developed protocols for handling COVID cases of staff and guests.


1.  If a person who has been a guest at the restaurant within 48 hours of development of symptoms tests positive for covid - that person who tests positive will work with the contact tracer to identify people they have been in contact within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more. If our restaurant is identified as a location of potential exposure, the contact tracer informs us and we will work with them to identify any other guests or employees who may be at risk.  This will include checking cameras to identify, to the best of our ability, any other guests or staff members who may have met that criteria


2. If a staff member has any concerning COVID-19 symptoms - that staff member is not able to work until the COVID-19 test comes back negative or another source of their symptoms are identified. 


3. If staff member has been identified as a close contact - staff member will be quarantined as per ND DOH recommendations and will return to work at the end of that quarantine period.


4. If staff member tests positive - staff member will work with contact tracer and restaurant management to identify both other staff members and restaurant guests that meet criteria for “close contact” as defined by the CDC. Guests and employees who are deemed at risk per "close contact" criteria will be contacted by the DOH contact tracer.  Currently, DOH does not consider restaurant guests at risk due to the limited interaction for brief period of times with service staff, however if extenuating circumstances such as private parties or prolonged exposure, the guest may be contact by DOH for additional consideration.

Questions regarding COVID-19 policies can be directed to

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