Rent our Private Dining Room for your next party!

Email or call us at (701)478-1990 to make your reservation!
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A New Look!

We're so excited to showcase our Private Dining Rental Space and we hope you love the renovations as much as we do! For all details about availability, minimums per day of the week, and deposits, keep scrolling! 

Hours of Availability

Lunch (11am-4pm)


$250.00 Minimum

Dinner (4pm-10pm)


$500.00 Minimum

Dinner (4pm-10pm)


$1250.00 Minimum

Brunch (10am-4pm)


$1250.00 Minimum 


We do not charge a room fee, but we do have a food and beverage minimum before tax and gratuity for the space. This minimum varies depending on the time of day and the day of the week. Pricing is listed above!

If the party falls under the minimum, we do charge a room fee to make up the difference.  We do like to encourage guests to get an extra round of drinks or maybe some dessert to take home instead of paying a fee :)


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We do require a deposit for your event. Monday-Friday lunch deposit is $100.00, all other reservation times require a $250.00 deposit. This is loaded to a gift card, kept in house until the night of the event, and then applied to the bill when closing out. The deposit is only forfeited if the party is cancelled with less than 2 weeks notice. 

The space is considered available until a deposit is put down.